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Apollo Foundation has found a way to update the block system without the horns



The company Apollo Foundation found a way to stop the hordforki and instead implement blocking updates. The Updater solution is aimed at securely updating the blockrooms through transactions. Such an approach will help to avoid hardfork and ensure that all nodes continue to work stably.

Director of the Apollo Foundation Viktor Konovalov, says:

"This update effectively integrates contracts and code code into the network. Updater helps to achieve the developer's goals without having to separate the blockbuster. "

If the developers are telling the truth, the importance of the Apollo Foundation innovation can not be overestimated. With its help, it is possible to avoid hardfork even if the block is enlarged. The solution preserves the integrity and security of the block.

SRT companies Sergei Rovarg commented:

"With Updater we add digital signatures to the network. This prevents an increase in the number of invalid signatures and erroneous transactions. Next, the most important parameters are updated, without requiring hardcore and speeding up the blocking. Updater helps you make no mistakes by running an automatic update in the Apollo Foundation transactions. We are able to test and compare the versions of the blockers before and after the update with digital signatures and see the history of the changes that have taken place. This will protect against hacking and any unauthorized updates. "

Now the decision is applied only on the blockade of the Apollo Foundation. The company plans to become the most multifunctional crypto currency with the highest transaction rates. It sounds quite ambitious. Well, it remains to hope and believe in the best.