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AnChain study: dApps success in the EOS ecosystem is due to the tremendous activity of bots



In the study, which was organized by a team of experts from AnChain, it was found out that the success of decentralized applications in the EOS ecosystem is largely due to the activity of bots.

AnChain representatives used artificial intelligence technologies to monitor the activity of users of decentralized applications, as well as the transactions they perform. The researchers analyzed the millions of transactions that are associated with the top ten decentralized gaming applications EOS. The majority of transactions made in EOS gaming applications – approximately 65%. In the first quarter of 2019, thanks to blockchain bots, more than half of the accounts (51%) appeared, while 75% of transactions were made by bots. The report from AnChain says that every day operations with about $ 6 million are carried out between bots.

децентрализованные приложения EOS

Note that the Ethereum project has far more decentralized applications than any other project. However, EOS is the leading project for decentralized applications, given the figures for the volume of transactions made – the blockchain processes transactions worth approximately $ 480 million every week. The problem of Ethereum at the moment is that its decentralized applications do not find application, the problem of EOS is the activity of bots, artificial promotion.