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Analysis of prices for Litecoin: the pair LTC / USD may rise above $ 65



Now the pair LTC / USD, breaking resistance at $ 58 and $ 60, is trading at a price of $ 60.25.

The graph shows that the LTC price was above the $ 60 level and the 100-hour moving average. At night, Litecoin even broke the resistance at $ 62 and traded at $ 65.

Further, LTC fell below $ 62, but the decline was protected by levels of 60.50 and 60 US dollars. At the moment, there is a key line of the bullish trend with support at $ 60.50 on the hourly chart of the pair LTC / USD.

While the pair is above the trendline support, there may be a recovery towards the levels $ 64.00 and $ 65.00.

At the time of writing, the LTC price remains around $ 60, which means that even a small decrease can serve as a signal for buying a crypto currency.

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