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An unknown player per day moved 12.3 million Litecoin



On November 30, the Litecoin network processed transactions totaling almost $ 1.1 billion, which significantly exceeded the daily average ($ 100 million). A total of 35.4 million LTC were transferred per day, which is about 60% of the market supply. One player allegedly made a transfer of 12.3 million LTC.

Thus, the TOP-100 richest Litecoin wallets immediately included 41 new addresses with a balance of 300,000 LTC. At the moment, it is not known whether they were behind the transactions of a Bitcoin exchange or the OTC platform. Nevertheless, a new player, if it is one subject, now owns almost 15% of all Litecoin coins that will ever exist.

Some users also suggested that Bakkt or Fidelity Digital Assets are preparing to launch this way, but there is no evidence of this yet.

At the moment these wallets occupy all the lines of the list of the richest coin holders from the 10th to the 51st.

Recall, on December 3 and 4, three wallets carried out transactions for 199 thousand bitcoins and, having divided them several times, including between the bech32 addresses, combined on 8000 BTC accounts.

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