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American cryptocurrency exchange enters the global market



The American cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has officially announced that it intends to enter the global market through the launch of Bittrex International

In the coming weeks, a new trading platform is waiting for a period of testing and evaluation, after which it will open the doors for international users.

The company intends to optimize the process of listing tokens on the platform. The exchange team seeks to reduce the time of their approval to a few weeks. Now, as a rule, it takes months to include a token in the listing. Tokens and coins traded on the main platform will also be presented on the new exchange.

The site does not provide for listing fees. The tokens will be checked for compliance with Bittrex International standards. Approved projects will have to go through the registration procedure required by the Maltese Law on Virtual Financial Assets .

The company's activities will comply with the laws of not only Malta, but also the European Union. New users will be tested for compliance with the requirements of AML / KYC. Citizens of the United States will not have access to the new platform.

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Article translated and published: Leonid Shchekutev, analyst at Freedman Club Crypto News