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AlienCloud service overview – cloud mining, cryptobirge, wallet, pool



AlienCloud is a platform on which cloud mining , a cryptocurrency exchange , a wallet and a mining pool are concentrated simultaneously. The cost of cryptocurrency mining ranges from 2 to 34 USD (the minimum amount).

AlienCloud has been operating since 2017. To start cooperation with the service, you must purchase one-time capacity. This can be done for fiat money. You can choose from several mining algorithms with different service costs and purchase price:

  • SHA-256 (bitcoin),
  • Ethash (ethereum),
  • X11 (dash),
  • EquiHash (zcash),
  • CryptoNight (monero),
  • SCRYPT (litecoin).

Since the contract is for an indefinite period of cooperation, sooner or later the purchase of capacities for cloud mining pays off and begins to work in a plus.

In addition to cloud mining, AlienCloud offers to use a convenient offline wallet Ethereum. Its main difference from the main wallets – takes a small place on the computer, only 14 MB, and not 200 GB, such as, for example, an offline bitcoin wallet.

In addition to the wallet, you can exchange cryptocurrency with other people inside the exchange. The exchanger works on p2p technology. Commissions on the stock exchange are small – 0.09% and 0.05% if the client has VIP status.

To become a VIP user, you need to keep a cryptocurrency in the amount of $ 30,000 on the exchange. Daily withdrawal limits are equivalent to $ 10,000 without verification, with verification up to $ 500,000.

Features of working with the AlienCloud service

Alien Cloud is not just cloud mining, but a full-fledged platform for working with cryptocurrency, which includes an exchanger and an online wallet for storing assets. The exchanger works on P2P technology and offers small fees for transactions. Plus are also convenient trading schedules.

The opening of the mining pool is also planned soon. Users with high-performance equipment can now leave requests for access to it. The project regularly adds contracts for the extraction of new coins and develops in every possible way. This service is one of the most popular of its kind.

The site is available in three languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Chinese

In addition, there is a referral system on the platform, which allows you to make money on attracting users. Affiliate, by the way, is three-level and with its help you can consistently receive interest if you have an audience that will be registered by your link.

The creators are also working on a project that will allow trading in cryptocurrency indices. This development is called Teocoin and it should be noted that the ICO was successfully completed.

User support is also well implemented. It is possible to contact technical support directly, or use the chat in the messenger Telegram. All links are available at the bottom of the official site.

Interestingly, the project partner is the Seventh Channel of Krasnoyarsk. They provide Alien Cloud information support.

Service Benefits

  • Perpetual contracts. The use of computing power that is sold on the site is in no way limited in time, except when mining becomes unprofitable. However, even in such circumstances, the administration simply transfers contracts to a more profitable direction.
  • Availability of annual contracts at an attractive price.
  • Platform for full-fledged work with cryptocurrencies. The service not only offers full mining in the clouds, but also provides an ecosystem for interacting with cryptocurrencies. Beginners will not have to use several different services, because everything is collected in one project.
  • Fame in the market. The platform is relatively popular and has earned user confidence. This is not a non-project.
  • There is the possibility of buying capacity for Fiat (rubles, dollars).
  • It is possible to withdraw profits to the cards of Russian banks, and not just to a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Profit calculator in your account.

Profitability and payback

The main guarantee that your investment will pay off can be considered the indefinite validity of contracts. If you invest in the mining of a coin, the extraction of which will not become so difficult in the near future that the power will be less than commissions, then you will get a plus sooner or later.

Unfortunately, the site does not have a calculator for calculating the approximate profit, therefore, it is more difficult to make even approximate forecasts than on other similar services. On the other hand, a similar calculation can be made manually.

Register on

Registration is very simple, at the beginning it is necessary to enter registration data (login, password, e-mail), after which a message will be sent to the indicated address containing a link confirming registration.

After its activation, a personal account will open where you can buy power. To do this, select the appropriate field “Buy capacity”, then select the cryptocurrency that the user wants to mine, and the number of capacities.

First you need to purchase at least two capacities to get a stable income. After selecting all the required fields, you should click "Go to payment". After that, the purchased computing power will appear in the user's personal account.

The contract with AlienCloud has an unlimited term and is available to users anywhere in the world.

A distinctive feature of the service is the complete safety of invested finances. Buying mining hardware, customers can sell it at any time and return their money. The amount of the deposit is displayed on the personal account in your account.

Another nice bonus is that if the user chose a certain currency for mining, but it depreciated, he still does not lose his money. In your account, you can buy the power of another cryptocurrency and continue to profit from mining.

AlienWallet Wallet

As mentioned earlier, the AlienWallet wallet has many advantages. However, its main advantage is weight – it is about 250 MB. Although the official ETH wallet involves downloading the network blockchain, which currently weighs more than 650 GB.

To begin interacting with the AlienWallet client, you must complete the following steps:

  • 1. Download the wallet itself from the official resource of the project – ;
  • 2. Use the Keystore / JSON file to activate your personal account;
  • 3. Log into the program using a JSON file.

I note that the wallet can be used immediately after the installation process.

In the future, it is planned to adapt the client for mobile platforms. Such as iOS and Android. After that, the BTC cryptocurrency will be integrated into the application and connected to tokens transfer function.

AlienCloud Exchange

This platform among other analogs will be allocated with the following parameters:

  • The platform already has increased liquidity, but the developers do not plan to stop there. Their plans include merging with third-party exchanges for better implementation of funds. This task will be performed by AlienLabs service;
  • Margin trading (with leverage) – from 1: 1 to 1:25;
  • Multi-level account security system;
  • The presence of the internal mining pool (in development) and its own block chain (blockchain);
  • Advanced tools in the form of trading pairs;
  • The presence of short and long positions for placing orders;
  • The introduction of PAMM accounts and trust management (in development);
  • The presence of a VIP program for loyal customers, which allows you to reduce commission fees on commercial transactions to 0.005%.

AlienCloud cloud mining reviews

This is a relatively young resource, and so far there are few reviews about it. The service has gathered its current and potential users in many social networks, where there is a discussion not only of the work of cloud mining, but also of the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

Users report a stable service, a nice interface and almost uninterrupted withdrawal of funds. If you have any problems, technical support tries to solve them promptly, and always stays in touch. There are also consultants for English-speaking clients.

Among the negative responses about the server, only complaints about the low return on the project, as well as the lack of bonuses for registration were found.

Participation in cloud mining is a great way to earn extra income and get cryptocurrency. However, potential customers should pay attention to the choice of provider, because there are many scammers on the Internet.

AlienCloud service is a proven cloud server for the extraction of cryptocurrency, allows you to enter into contracts for an unlimited period, keep funds in your wallet or exchange them on the exchange.

Summing up

The site began its work only in 2018. Therefore, it is too early to judge how safe and reliable it is. There are no reviews about problems with network output. Payments are made quickly and stably – and this is already a significant plus.

The level of profitability of 30-40% can only be called average. But let's not forget that promises of 300-1000% from other projects are a sure sign of fraudsters. In addition, the daily maintenance fee for facilities at many sites is 50 cents or more, whereas in the case of AlienCloud you will have to pay only $ 0.03.

The Russified interface, and therefore, the focus on cooperation with Russian miners, is also a significant argument in favor of working with this platform.


Bitcoin rate will grow from $ 16,000 to $ 62,000 by the end of 2019, analysts' forecasts



Strengthening the position of Bitcoin creates the conditions for the emergence of more aggressive forecasts regarding the future dynamics of the movement of the coin.

Back in January, one of the analysts who wished to remain anonymous, successfully predicted the trajectory of Bitcoin from April to July. He said that BTC would first overcome the $ 5,300 mark, and by the middle of summer it would trade at $ 9,200 and was right.

In addition, the analyst predicted a cryptocurrency breakthrough to $ 16,000 by October 2019 and announced the continuation of a positive trend throughout the whole next year.

However, in social networks from traders sound more aggressive statements about the prospects of the coin. One of the optimists, a trader under the nickname Galaxy, posted a tweet post in which he announced a bitcoin jerk to $ 62,000 by the end of October.

The forecast is initially perceived as fiction, but if you read the post of the analyst, then you can believe in it.

Galaxy said that in 2017 we observed a similar trend, which resulted in a 570% rise in Bitcoin over 147 days. If we take as a basis the schedule of the course of the two-year-old asset and project it on the current situation, then we can expect an increase in the price of Bitcoin to $ 62,000 by the end of October.

Many Twitter users find the trader’s forecast to be more or less realistic, but they doubt the possibility of such an aggressive jerk of the coin. But there are those who say that such forecasts are not based on anything, and publishing them on the network only aims to increase the number of subscribers.

Publication date 19/06/2019
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Tom Lee: over the next months, the BTC rate will increase by 4 times



Bitcoin bull Tom Lee believes that the flagship cryptocurrency is close to the FOMO rally, with the result that the value of the coin can rise to $ 40,000 over the next few months.

Tom Lee, head of Fundstrat Global Advisors, noted that the Bitcoin cryptocurrency rate is close to $ 10,000, which could serve as a trigger for the FOMO. Lee refers to the events that occurred at the end of 2017, when the price of BTC, approaching the level of $ 10,000, increased in two days to $ 20,000.

On Monday, the BTC rate overcame the $ 9,000 mark, and after the Libra crypto-project from Facebook was introduced, the cost rose to $ 9,200. It is assumed that the Libra project is proof for society that cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular, large companies, including financial ones, are particularly interested in them. Lee also noted that on the same day, the value of GRAYSCALE BITCOIN TRUST (GBTC) shares rose by 11%, reaching $ 12, which was not observed since July 2018.

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The launch date of the new Ethereum 2.0 blockchain algorithm has become known – January 3, 2020



Developer Justin Drake (Justin Drake), according to Trustnodes , called the date of transition of the Ethereum network to the second version of the protocol and the introduction of the consensus mechanism Proof of Stake (PoS). According to him, Ethereum 2.0 will become a reality in seven months – January 3, 2020, exactly 11 years after the extraction of the genesis-block of Bitcoin .

Drake also said that the developers of Ethereum for less than two weeks – until June 30 – should finalize and approve the specifications of the zero phase. Before generating the genesis block, they will have to launch a deposit contract for the accrual of funds to validators – and present it at the Devcon conference in Japan in October.

Thus, according to Drake, over the next three months, developers should collect at least 2 million ETH, and in seven months, bring the product to a “production stage”, that is, a test network that has been working for quite a long time without significant flaws and has passed a security audit, for at least two customers.

Recall that the founder of Messari, Ryan Selkis (Ryan Selkis), expects that the transition of Ethereum to the second version of the protocol will take place no earlier than 2021. In early May, Prestmatic Labs co-founder Preston Van Loon announced the public launch of a test network for Ethereum 2.0 – Sapphire – created on the basis of the Casper protocol with PoS consensus algorithm and support for stacking.

Publication date 18.06.2019
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