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ACINQ project introduced a simplified version of Lightning-wallet for mobile devices ¬- Phoenix



Today, ACINQ crypto project introduced a new wallet for smartphones, which is designed to carry out operations with Bitcoin cryptocurrency in the Lightning Network. It is called Phoenix.

The ACINQ development team claims the Phoenix service is the next generation LN wallet. Thanks to the video that the company representatives attached to the tweet, you can make sure that thanks to the new development, you can create a wallet within three minutes and conduct the necessary operations with cryptocurrency. In addition, the user has the option to back up data and, accordingly, restore the account.

The developers note that Phoenix has many functions that solve current problems when interacting with the Lightning Network, in particular, it’s about a simplified process of creating an account and connecting to a network, eliminating the need to manage channels, providing access to the balance of the main BTC network and LN.

Phoenix is a non-custodian service, the wallet allows users to maintain control over funds without involving third parties. ACINQ drew attention to the fact that work on the main product, that is, the Eclair wallet, does not stop. This tool is more suitable for experienced users, and Phoenix will be an ideal option for beginners who are just getting acquainted with cryptocurrency and LN.