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ABCC launched a service that allows creating cryptocurrency exchanges in just one day



Singapore Exchange ABCC launched its own service ABCC Cloud to create cryptocurrency exchanges based on cloud computing.

What is ABCC Cloud?

This is a service that is provided through the cloud and allows you to use software as a service (SaaS). It is also a set of infrastructure solutions for working together with information, security, over-the-counter transactions and finances.

ABCC seeks to strengthen its position in the blockchain technology market, and therefore invests in infrastructure projects. The new ABCC solution will allow the company's partners to create cryptocurrency exchanges in just one day.

Why use ABCC Cloud?

The ABCC solution will allow companies to focus on business development without spending resources on developing exchange platforms from scratch. ABCC Cloud offers partners a choice of five key products and services. Among the advantages of the platform are high liquidity and a serious level of security.

“We believe that the integration of blockchain-based solutions into traditional sectors of the economy will contribute to the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency industry. Today, the market of cryptocurrency exchanges is meaningless even to compare with the traditional financial sector.

With ABCC Cloud, we hope to increase liquidity by giving global partners access to our technology and management systems. We are not able to be present in every market, and we need strong regional partners , ”said Calvin Chang, CEO and co-founder of the exchange.

What advantages does ABCC Cloud offer to partners?

Worldwide availability. The ABCC Cloud platform is available in 28 countries.

Unprecedented customer service. ABCC implements high standards of customer engagement, developed by experienced product managers. This will save customers from having to spend time on independent work with the system.

Flexibility. The ABCC Cloud platform automatically develops many functions with flexible settings and configuration. The solution supports various types of business, including over-the-counter transactions, cryptocurrency trading and token operations.

High level of security and risk management. The company took the risk management system of investment banks and digital financial companies as a basis, and adapted it to the needs of cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus, ABCC ensures the safety and reliability of operations.

High liquidity. The service is included in the ABCC ecosystem. This means that the exchanges have common quotes glasses. Matching orders is carried out on all partner exchanges, which provides high liquidity and allows partners to grow faster.

Compatible with all devices. ABCC Cloud is available on iOS, Android and desktops. The platform also supports brand customization, works in different languages ​​and with multi-currency wallets.

The ABCC cloud service is a modern, safe and easily scalable cryptocurrency trading platform, which aims to help partners quickly create and develop their own exchanges.

ABCC Cloud will help partners become more efficient, save time and reduce errors when launching products.