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A sample of stool or rocket: how the ratio of traders to altcoyne changed



Wow-wow-wow! Something new! The first Crypto currency started the week with a mark of $ 6203 , while a weekly candle on the bitcoin chart turned out to be potentially reversal in the form of a Dodji with a bull body .

Yes-yes, we are aware that many will prefer the terminology of technical analysis to a visual image)

And yet, to put it simply, experts were very likely to assume that bitcoin would begin to grow. Indeed, by the end of the week, "digital gold" reached the level of $ 6,700.

Despite the reasons that led to the growth of the cue ball …

… the tracers at that moment looked like this:

but their cats like this:

Well, what will you take with the crypto-investors-2018?

Crypto 2017 was Lit. from r / bitcoinmemes

This is how to compare prices and capitalization:

BTC Dominance from r / cryptomemes

But what if the coveted "moon" is a bubble?

Wait and see.

At the beginning of the week, September 17, related to Craig Wright, mining pools received more than 50% of the control over the Bitcoin Cash network. But this had little effect on the attitude of traders to the coin (

Similar sentiments prevailed among Ripple investors as well …

… but on Thursday, September 20, the weighted average rate of the XRP token increased by 14.5% .

And the next day, September 21, the capitalization of Ripple bypassed Ethereum.

The New York State Attorney General's Office said that bitcoin exchanges are vulnerable to market manipulation and do not have standard consumer protection methods that are available in traditional financial markets. Oh, these attempts to ban bitcoin …

This week, Nvidia lifted the restriction on the release of reviews of the new series of video cards RTX 20. According to preliminary data, the overclocked RTX 2070 will be able to deliver up to 85 MH / s . However, everything is learned in practice.

Miners from r / cryptomemes

The main thing, do not forget to share your experiences:

Started from the bottom now we're hereūü§£ from r / bitcoinmemes

And a little art in the end)

Bitcoin was born to give us light …

… and despite criticism …

… he will radically change this world.

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