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A mitap from Genesis Meetup



will take place in Moscow

On November 6, a mitap will be held in Moscow, organized by the Genesis Foundation. On it, participants will talk more about ICO, their platforms and future plans. The event will also feature new startups.

Among the participants of the meeting are the following projects: MultiVAC, BlockCloud, Marlin, Uinp, Dexon, Argearworld, CAN.

Event Schedule:

14:00 Registration.
14:30 Speech by the representative of the Genesis Group.
14:45 Presentation by the representative of ICO Drops.
15:00 Reports from representatives of the Blockcloud, MultiVAC, Marlin, Uinp projects.
16:20 Coffee Break.
16:40 Panel discussion with representatives of the Genesis Group.
17:20 Presentations by representatives of Dexon, Argearworld, CAN projects.
18:20 Quiz with prizes and airdrop.

Duration: November 6, from 14:00 – 19:00;
Location: Moscow, Bersenevskaya Embankment, 6, Building 3, Floor 6, Deworkacy Space, Red October.

You can register on the event page .

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