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7 Ripple partners are ready to use xRapid based on XRP



The number of companies ready to fully implement the xRapid payment product is growing. Ripple created xRapid to give financial institutions a real-time solution that uses XRP to increase the speed and liquidity of cross-border payments.

Chris Larsen, one of the co-founders of Ripple, recently talked about how to apply this technology, using as an example a payment from the US to Mexico.

7 Ripple Partners Ready to Use xRapid

Bittrex, Bitso and have confirmed that they will use xRapid to increase the speed of cross-border payments and reduce the cost of such transactions.

Mercury FX is also among the participants recently having completed a trial test and calling the product speed "incredible".

The new SBI also plans to join xRapid to help financial institutions send cross-border payments.

The company Cuallix, which operates in the US, Mexico and Hong Kong, offering the opportunity to make international payments without using banks, is also preparing to join the "team." And last but not least: Canadian cross-border payment company Zip Remit, a longtime supporter of XRP, confirmed its participation in the project.

In addition to the seven listed companies, many financial institutions officially test xRapid, among them: IDT, MoneyGram and Cambridge Global Payments.

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