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5 crypto-currencies with a rate below $ 10 for investment in 2018 – 2019



The question is – what is the best crypto currency for investments in 2018-2019? Let's look together at the most promising coins. Let's choose those whose price is less than $ 10.



NANO boasts the following:

  • zero commissions for transactions;
  • Transaction time – 2 seconds;
  • The network is built on the basis of Block Lattice instead of the already familiar schemes Blockchain or Tangle.

The NANO technology allows each user to maintain their own unit. This accelerates transactions, because much less information flows on a single chain than on a shared chain for everyone. The more users on the network, the faster the transactions go, which is comparable to the effect of P2P networks of torrents.


BAT – crypto currency, launched by Brendan Eich, who created and co-founded Mozilla Firefox. Token is used by content creators, advertisers and audiences in the Brave browser ecosystem.

Brave has already been released, and not so long ago passed the mark of 3 million active users. The browser has an automatic ad blocker. Token BAT is involved in supporting your favorite content creators, in purchasing in-app applications, in viewing ads. The purpose of the crypto currency is to help content providers maintain online business: users receive a reward for viewing, and advertisers – their target audience.


XLM – Stellar Lumens also spends just 2 seconds per transaction. The commission is the share of a cent. In addition, the platform can be used as a basis for development, like Ethereum. Due to this, many companies have already transferred their projects from Ethereum to a cheaper network. Stellar has partnered with IBM and a number of banks.


XVG – many do not approve Verge, but nevertheless, the coin is actively developing. The team has entered into a partnership with PornHub, which can contribute to the adoption of the crypto currency. Verge hides the IP address and location of the user, but at the same time uses the public registry instead of private. Companies can see transaction amounts – and the network members themselves remain anonymous.


EOS positions itself as a competitor to Ethereum. On the platform, you can also develop and maintain commercial decentralized applications. The developers say that in their network the problems of scaling and usability are solved. This is achieved through parallel processes in the network.

The named altcoyins have a good chance of flourishing in 2018 – 2019. Their price is not too big, and in the long run it is possible to earn profits on coins.