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2 reasons why in September the price of military technical cooperation will be without special leaps



Last week, the headlines were mostly focused on Ethereum (ETH) and its swift, long sale. The price of bitcoin was paid less attention. Analysts believe that in the second half of September the military-technical cooperation is likely to be traded in the outset without bursts and recessions.

Last week, Bitcoin finished with a 2.5% gain, with a fairly stable price movement. In fact, volatility has fallen to the minimum value that has ever been within 16 months.

You can be surprised by its stability against the backdrop of jumping prices of altcoyins. But some events shed light on the behavior of the leading crypto currency. First, on September 30, the SEC should consider ETF from Cboe VanEck / SolidX. In anticipation of the outcome of the case, investors prefer not to touch bitcoin assets yet.

It is unlikely that the Commission will approve this fund – the market is still highly vulnerable to manipulation, including through ETF. Nevertheless, large investors are still waiting for the event. Failure of the Commission or further postponement can cause a positive price shift, as traders will want to "move on", leaving behind the ETF-drama.

The Bitcoin hashed hashed significantly, which means that more bitcoins are produced. According to a study by Fundstrat, since May, the production of military-technical cooperation has doubled. Miners may wish to sell coins, which can reduce the price. But it is worth considering that the cost price of 1 bitcoin is now at $ 7 300, which is higher than the current price of $ 6,482.11. Thus, it is not profitable for miners to sell military-technical cooperation now. They can still hold coins and thereby raise prices, as always in conditions of supply shortages.

Low volatility coincides with the lateral movement of the courses. It is hardly worth waiting for special price changes until the end of September and the Commission's decisive statement.